Comédie française – Lucrezia Borgia, Victor Hugo

Friday November 30th, 3pm
Wednesday December 5th 7pm

An unhoped-for opportunity for those who missed the performances of this success at the TNM within the framework Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations. Elsa Lepoivre and Éric Ruf, also set designer, render the writings of Victor Hugo in a most grandiose manner.

The criminal, adulterous and incestuous Lucrezia Borgia seeks to escape from the evil that is her condition, to be recognised and loved by Gennaro, the child she had with her brother. During a ball in Venice, Gennaro, who has an aversion to the Borgias, courts a beautiful masked lady before discovering, to his horror, that it is Lucrezia. Stung by the affront of Gennaro’s friends who insult her, and suspected of adultery by her husband, Lucrezia sets a heartbreaking act of revenge in motion.

Rarely has a dramatic work gone so far in its depiction of maternal love. Lucrezia is a moral monster but this monster is a loving mother. Victor Hugo wrote this play to reveal the pearl at the heart of every monster.

L’Institut français, France Inter

Victor Hugo

Stéphane Braunschweig

With the actors of the troop of the Académie de la Comédie-Française

2 h 25 approx

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