Free movies and pop-corn : accumulate Exclusive PREM1ERE points or Freebees PointsTM to get free movies and pop-corn,
Accumulate points QUICKLY
: get up to 10% Exclusive PREM1ERE points on your all transactions,
Spend your points EASILY: at every transaction you can spend your Exclusive  PREM1ERE points or your Freebees PointsTM .

It’s simple, it’s easy and it worth it !



Get a PREM1ERE card FOR FREE at the Cinéma Aylmer and start to accumulate points QUICKLY.


ACTIVATE-YOUR-CARDYou have enough points and you want to spend them. You must first activate your card on or downloading the mobile app.



To check your balance of points sign in on or downloading the mobile app.


PREM1ERE is part of the Freebees loyalty program .

Cinéma Aylmer allows you to accumulate exclusive PREM1ERE points, Those can only be spent at Cinéma Aylmer (except specific promotions).

When you present your PREM1ERE card at a Freebees partner you accumulate points according to the partner rules.

The exclusive PREM1ERE points given by Cinéma Aylmer could be spent at anytime at the Cinéma Aylmer.

The Freebees points could be spent at anytime at the Cinéma Aylmer.

The exclusive points from Freebees partners could not be spent at Cinéma Aylmer.

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