Outdoor cinema

Cinéma Aylmer offers full outdoor cinema service. We provide all the equipment and logistics support needed to broadcast at your event:

  • screen (several sizes available, the biggest one being 3-storey high!);
  • 1,000 watts sound system;
  • cabling;
  • playback media.

Our outdoor inflatable screens, like all our equipment, are of the highest quality. You truly get the ‘cinema feel’ with those large screens.

Following are a few examples of activities for which you may want outdoor cinema:

  • in a park, for a group activity;
  • at a golf club, near the cart park, for a memorable tournament end;
  • at the marina for docked crafts;
  • in your garden, for an evening gathering with friends of family;
  • for a children’s party;
  • to watch a live sports event;
  • for a company activity;
  • in the course of a film festival.

Cinéma Aylmer owns the rights to broadcast outdoor. However, each film or sports event has their own regulations about copyright and broadcasting in a public place. For example, Walt Disney Company has very strict broadcasting rules. In any case, there are copyrights fees to be paid for the selected movie. These fees are paid by the cinema rental customer. Generally, these fees are between $150 and $250.

We offer the outdoor cinema service in a range of 25 km around our business place (J9H 6A6). For an event farther out, a transportation fee will apply.

You can broadcast advertising before the movie. You simply need to send us an MPG or PPT file at least one week in advance.

The customer must supply power for the event. The power source must be within 50 feet of the broadcasting location.

We can also provide a fast-food service: popcorn, cotton candy, soft drinks, chocolate bars and hot-dogs.

Cinéma Aylmer has often broadcast movies outdoor. You can rely on our experience.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact info@CinemaAylmer.com.