PTTW season 2017-2018

Châteaux of the Loire: Royal Visit - 88 minutes | Québec | 2017

The Loire Valley has been the playground of kings and noblemen for three centuries, spurring the construction of

Utah: Natural Contrasts - 75 minutes | Québec  | 2017

Utah is renowned for its contrasting geological diversity, delighting tourists and sports enthusiasts, from skiers to mountain biking

Bolivia: From the Altiplano to the Amazon -

84 minutes | Québec | 2017

From the massive wild setting of the Altiplano to the green expanse of the Amazon and

Yukon: Wild Beauty -

90 minutes | Québec | 2017

For several people, the Yukon represents the end of the world, with its pure, natural untouched wilderness stretching

Armenia: Proud and Fierce -

83 minutes | Québec, France | 2017

Armenia is home to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. However, its territory has been

Atlantic Journey: A Discovery of Coasts, Islands and Sea -

90 minutes | Québec | 2017

Follow the everyday life and unusual adventures of a daring crew on an epic two-month journey across the

Puerto Rico: Treasure Island -

75 minutes | Québec | 2017

Aside from its 430 kilometres of golden sand coasts, Puerto Rico hides a colonial treasure of untold wealth.

Vietnam: In the Eye of the Dragon -

84 minutes | Québec, France | 2017

There is much more to Vietnam than its more famous sites, such as Ha Long Bay, the