PTTW season 2018-2019

Thailand: Asia’s Paradise -

84 minutes | Canada | 2018
Directors: Simon C Vaillancourt et Lyne Lefort

Thailand, the main magnet for tourists in Southeast Asia, is

Corsica: Mediterranean Splendour -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Fannie Leblond

Corsica springs from the Mediterranean like a jewel from the sea. Its picturesque

Route 66: Kitsch and Mythical -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Réalisateur : Nicolas Breton

The United States is home to a highway that has captured imaginations

Madagascar: Smiley Island -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Annie-Claude Roberge

Madagascar is a synonym for biodiversity and is one of

The Great North: From Greenland to Siberia -

90 minutes | Canada, France | 2017
Director: Jacques Ducoin

The Far North is a little-known world, a hostile land

Hong Kong: From East and West -

90 minutes | Canada | 2018
Director: Yohan Leduc

Hong Kong bills itself as a region unique in the world

Peru: Inca Sun -

90 minutes | Canada| 2018
Director: Mèlik Benkritly

Peru, the centre of the Inca Empire, preserves a number of traces

Ireland: Emerald Island -

90 minutes | Canada | 2017
Director: Mèlik Benkritly

Green is the first thing that people associate with Ireland. Green