Teatro Real – Madama Butterfly, Puccini

Friday March 29th, 3pm
Wednesday April 3rd 7pm

By setting Madame Butterfly in a 1930s movie studio complete with cameras and screens, Mario Gas allows a rare intimacy, a delicate gaze on the actors. In Ciné-spectacle, cinema within the cinema adds yet another dimension to the fertile concept.

A temporary wife was a widespread practice in Japan at the end of the 19th century. The West – with the United States leading – had established diplomatic and commercial relations with the country in the mid-century and the fascination with the birthplace of geishas spread like wildfire. The influence of a distant (and imaginary) Orient would take form in works by a variety of European and North American artists that continued well into the 20th century. In this way, Butterfly is a crass embodiment of the conflict between two irreconcilable civilizations, one which dominates the other. A man of a subtle theatrical spirit, Puccini portrayed brilliantly the fragility of a geisha in love who naively believed the dashing North American navy officer also loved her. The musical score evokes agreeably harmonized traditional Japanese melodies. Mario Gas places the story in a 1930s film studio. He narrates this moving drama from three simultaneous perspectives: the opera itself, the film being made of the opera, and its projection in black and white on the big screen.


Marco Armiliato

Mario Gas

Ermonela Jaho (Madame Butterfly)
Enkelejda Shkosa (Suzuki)
Marifé Nogales (Mrs. Kate Pinkerton)
Jorge de León (B. F. Pinkerton)
Àngel Òdena (Sharpless)
Francisco Vas (Goro)
Tomeu Bibiloni (El príncipe Yamadori)
Fernando Radó (El tío Bonzo)

2 h 25 approx

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